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Frame 5

In today's world, things change... clothing, cars, hairstyles, computers; all are continually being improved, updated and modernised. Spectacle frames are no exception!

It is not just the appearance of frames that changes over time; better design, new materials and improved manufacturing techniques all help to create better spectacle frames that we are happier wearing.
As with clothing, it is the overall style that is a frame's most noticeable asset. It is often said that a spectacle      
frame has more of an effect on our overall appearance than an item of clothing can. With this in mind, it is not surprising to find that some of the names that are most closely associated with quality fashion are also very much involved with the design of today's eyewear ... Joules, Janet Reger,  Jaeger, Hackett, Moschino, Paul Costelloe, Morgan, Enrico Coveri... the list could go on and on! They all have a reputation for style and quality, and all produce a range of well-made frames.
Anticlockwise from Top
CocoaMint 9921
Spine 1103
Plus Eyewear S1369
Joules JO1014
Hackett Bespoke HEB138